A new Blog – my space, at my pace – start of a new challenge, new adventure, new places, new people, taking along my old self wherever I may go, gathering of old friends and new.  I want my space to be organised to the extent that life is a complex and interrelated thing – so many different entry and exit points – identity and existence, never pre-determined and always impacted on by factors beyond our control.

My (expanding) key words/categories:  Laos PDR; Solomon Islands; Volunteering; Academia; Education; TESOL; Abel Histories; #T1D, Health/Type 1 Diabetes; …

17 thoughts on “abelspace”

  1. Ginger Ninjas are all the go! The background pic is one that I took in Laos – somewhere … I love the details in the incredible buddhas, and I love how even over time and partial destruction, they are altered but not destroyed. There is a meaning here I’m sure – let’s just say in the eye of the beholder. Happy for interpretations! Thanks for reading…
    Oh, were you referring to the other image? That is a space, a place, empty but full of meaning – who knows where, who knows when … I love suggestive spaces …

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    1. Evocative indeed! It is so interesting to ask for or listen to peoples interpretations. This post reminded me of my innate curiosity and naive annoyance at the screen version of ‘A passage to India’. It seemed to have an anti-cathartic effect on me. When I looked into the narrative behind the book and indeed the times in which it was written, I found the protagonist to not be missing as suggested by critics but secreted in the ‘Echo’. I wonder if this was the authors intent in effect contrasting the duplicity of authority to the cave which in reality was inhabited by Buddhists who harboured religious tolerance (as did most ‘caves’ along the silk road route in these times). This then could well be the echo of time that whispers in the wind or deafens us with its silence. Annabelle, your focal point in the image, to me, drew the same feelings – the hand that gives, and takes – that the statues fingers have such grace and a perceived light touch yet one that which emits so much strength and conviction – hinting surreptitiosly at what is or isn’t seen or said. Perhaps I am just speaking a load of bunkam, but I enjoyed myself none-the-less, thanks for the invite!

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      1. As you know, I crave to evoke a response – and particularly one as thoughtful as yours! I think your description is encompassed by the ‘visceral’ I tried to explore in an earlier post – that could be called a ‘gut feeling’, but that it can also be the basis to constructing an expression that accounts for both the heart and the mind – the intellect; the whole self. And bunkam of course, can only be in the mind of the beholder who makes this assessment. ‘Irrelevant to me in this time and place’ could be far more appropriate methinks! (The beauty and appeal of blogging – no set criteria to fulfill).
        Thanks again for contributing Skye!


  2. I get it, I really do. Pushing on down the path you think you should be on, only to realise its not taking you to where you thought you would end up. Im very much hoping to stay in touch, after only brief but ‘awakening’ moment in time with your passion and heart. You are an amazing thinker and provoker – much needed in todays ‘atmosphere’. Wishing you all the very best on your new path and looking forward to reading all about your adventures, if you are happy to share.

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    1. Wonderful, I’d love to hear more about it!
      Sadly I was only there for one year but I absolutely loved it. Feels like a lifetime ago now, but still in contact with friends there. Such a different world, and so spectacular.


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