Laos Update – and apologies for the neglect… (Day 13!)

Aura Residences, Savannakhet, Laos 13th September 2016

Check it out – it’s great!  All amenities, compact studio apartments, well located to walk to centre, all new, air con and excellent free wifi!  And we’re here for the next month…

  1. Finally got a decent internet service that can cope with WordPress!
  2. Starting to work out how to organise, sort, name, upload my photos…
  3. Moved to Savannakhet (5 hours drive south from Vientane)
  4. Been busy settling in:
    • looking for long term housing,
    • meeting work colleagues,
    • finding our way around town,
    • meeting locals and expats around town
    • keeping up with social media (phew is that ever hard work!)
    • Laos language lessons
    • finding decent coffee to drink (I’m not really fussy but it’s been fun trying)
  5. Completing our ‘in-country briefing’  5+ hours in the car and more…
  6. Did I mention drinking coffee, drinking beer, and socialising?

As you can tell, busy on important stuff!  I know I will have more time to do what I want to do with this site but for now, excuse my neglectful absence.  Still writing a lot in my journal, taking pictures, exploring the food and shopping options.  Cooking some meals and eating a range of different food out about town.  Having lots of conversations with people from around the world, and Lao people with more or less exposure to Westerners.

And to finish off, a collection of coffee shots from Vientiane (more on my mobile phone still to come – this uploading and formatting is taking me a long long time!)


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