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Working on updating my various different social media profiles!  http://deakin.academia.edu/AnnabelleLeve

Deakin University, School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Education, Teaching & Academia profile     Research +2 | Sociology of Education +53
Annabelle Leve is embarking on a long desired challenge and adventure, working at a Teacher Training College in Laos, from September 2016. This will mean great changes, but also a sense of continuity, having embarked on such a challenge to work in the Pacific as a volunteer back in 1994, qualifying to teach ESL soon after, achieving a MEd and a PhD, and raising two incredible children. Finally, now, having the opportunity again to live and learn in a lesser known place with the hope of sharing skills, finding out more of the world and ways of being, and perhaps, achieving some good and sharing it along the way.
I haven’t ‘succeeded’ in the academic challenge of following the rules and producing academically acceptable articles/publications, or in successfully gaining an academic job out of the many applications and interviews I’ve had. I’m so tired of being deemed ‘not good enough’. But I have learnt a lot and have a lot to share; I love to write and will continue to do it – via social media/blogging – and who knows where it shall lead? I hope that somehow we will cross paths again.

I”m leaving my earlier profile below – sort of like a historical artifact now …
Annabelle Leve has been an educator and a researcher in the School of Education at Deakin University, and alumna from Monash University Faculty of Education. Annabelle’s research interests are in critical approaches to social and cultural issues in education, particularly relating to representation, marketisation, neoliberalism and internationalisation in its various guises.

Most recently my research work has been conducted through looking at available representations of ‘ways of knowing’ in order to better understand how particular ways of knowing are variously constructed and constructive, managed, manipulated, mediated and maintained. In terms of ‘international education as a valued commodity’, what are the processes through which it becomes known in that way? And what are the social implications and possible consequences of these processes?
I would be very happy to make contact with anyone interested in discussing these types of issues.
Supervisors: Prof. Jane Kenway (PhD)


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I'm a techno-novice, but determined to learn! I want to share my stories, and create a space of my own for this purpose. As life changes, I take myself with me.

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